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Posted in Art Bears, Fred Frith with tags , , , , , on November 1, 2010 by candymachine

Welcome to Candy Machine.  I took the name from one of Fred Frith’s titles. You can find it on the CD (or DVD), Step Across the Border. Actually, you can hear the piece ‘Candy Machine’ on the cd, but you can also see the actual machine that the piece is named for on the DVD. If you don’t know who Fred Frith is, you will after visiting this blog a few times. He’ll show up frequently. Better yet, make an effort to check out his music. It might change the way you listen to the world.

 A candy machine is also one of those ‘machines’ you often see in the foyers of supermarkets or shopping malls (in North America anyway) which look like over-sized gumball machines, and which will dispense a treat – after you first shove some money into it. I liked the idea of the candy machine as a metaphor for gaining access to music. It’s oddly appropriate for today’s download music culture. I also love the piece by Frith.  I even used it as the intro music to a college radio show I once hosted many years ago. So, the title offered itself, and I took it.

 What will you find here? Mostly celebrations of music that I enjoy: musings, meanderings, meditations, reflections, explications.  So, this is my first post, but really it just serves as an introduction and handshake. The actual inauguration begins with the next post….the first of a three-part look at the Art Bears and the Art Bears Songbook!